Friday, May 10, 2019

Matthew is complete and other updates for the Vispo Bible

Matthew 7
I began the Book of Matthew, 1st book in the New Testament in September, 2018 and completed it in May, 2019. There are 28 chapters.

For the first time, I had some stops and restarts and did several pieces over.

I finally got the right tone when I inverted the text and background to give the ghostliness that I always feel when I think about the life of Jesus, his resurrection etc.

As a child, i always felt like he was a ghost, a benevolent and sad ghost.

So far Matthew 5, 6 and 7 have been published in the Peter F. Yacht Club's VERSeFest 2019 issue.

I have submitted the Book of Matthew to a publisher to consider for publication as a book. I'll let you know what happens. I may stick with this inversion for a bit and do more.

Concrete is Porous Acts I and II, which exhibited in Toronto and Ottawa and featured two of my pieces from Revelation, is not over. Act III will take place in Windsor, Ontario for a month or so, starting at the end of May at the Common Ground Gallery. I have two pieces from Genesis in that show.

Thanks to those of you who've shown an interest in the project, published excerpts from it and bought chapbooks.

I began the Vispo Bible almost 4 years ago, starting in June, 2015. I have completed 6 books in the Old Testament and 8 in the New. Only 53 more books to go!

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