Sunday, August 27, 2006

two from rasputins

andrea banjoes heartbreak, sings a montreal cold storm
masters capo mathematics

some of this applicable
only in winter

like you she is
comfortable riding
the bus

a pair of sneakers
strung above
street lights show
walking down bronson
or is it up?

this is august
you continue
snowflakes of her voice
melting you down
to midnight


wind blown over bottle
anticipates an arrival

rozalind presses a pedal
to loop memory

an island where unwashed people
take her in

not toronto, not family

a microphone
guitar and small room
far from grey hound bus pass
small suitcase of lyric travels
for sale, a string of breaking

yes she calls ottawa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

notes towards

[wish i could put right spaces in for all my poems, but dunno how]


before knowledge
cry * storm * song

memrie’s drench

who is there to tell

who is there to listen

to wait out lightning

snatch back child’s hand
from wrong iron gate

fallen tiger


rise over kitchen linoleum

stretch your hand out and

fly thru untouchable sky


nothing solid beneath


never rub brass lamp

you know the genie

keep him bottle blue

ether on the skin

with one touch