Monday, December 20, 2021

A Celestial Warrior from Welcome to Upper Zygonia appears in R is for Revolution


Thanks to Tchello d'Barros for including my collage, A Celestial Warrior of the Zygonian Galaxy in R is for Revolution in the Visual Poetry Museum on Facebook. The exhibitions features 111 artists from 30 countries. I am the only Canadian.

From Tchello:


The participating artists responded - with their works - to the following provocation: “Is there currently space for revolutions? Is there in your heart any revolt against the current status quo? Do we need to change something on our street or in global geopolitics? Will humanity witness any (r)evolution in this century? Can art be a weapon to transform consciences? You don't need to answer these questions, but your art can tell us a little about your imaginary combatant. The project is also a tribute to the bicentennial of the South American revolutionary Anita Garibaldi (1821-1849), the ‘heroine of 2 worlds’. Anita was an amazon, wife, mother, guerriller and revolutionary, fighting in 4 wars in Brazil, Uruguay and Italy. You may choose creat your art under Anita’s miyth, with her figure, name or history!”

 According to the curator,  "this exhibition presents part of the imagination of artists from all continents from their worldview to the theme "Revolution". If in the 19th century the Brazilian guerrilla Anita Garibaldi fought for freedom in South America and Europe, today we have our demands for change, whether on our street or in global geopolitics. May art be as contemporary as the everyday revolutions in our consciences".



ARGENTINA: Alejandra Bocquel - Amelia Vilches - Ana Verónica Suárez - Catanzaro Claudia - Hilda Paz - Ma. Angélica Carter Morales - Norberto José Martinez – Omaromar - Patricia Negreira - Raquel Gociol - Rosa Gravino - Walter Brovia |  AUSTRALIA: Denis Smith | AUSTRIA: Piroska Horváth | BELGIUM: Luc Fierens - Renaat Ramon | BRASIL: Al-Chaer - Alex Hamburger – Almandrade - Frdipinto Constança Lucas - Denise Moraes - Eni Ilis - Gringo Carioca Franklin Valverde - Guto Lacaz - Hugo Pontes - Iara Abreu - Ivana Andrés - Jairo Fará - Janys Oliveira - Joaquim Branco - Maria De Lourdes Rabello Villares - Maria Tereza Penna - Marisa Vidigal - Mercedes Brandão - Roberto Keppler - Rosana Schmitt - Rui Costa Marques - Tchello d'Barros - Yolanda Freyre | CANADA: Amanda Earl | CHILE: Emilio López Gelcich | COLOMBIA: Ariel Chavarro Avila - Maskin - Tulio Restrepo | DENMARK: Marina Salmaso | FINLAND: Anja Matilla-Tolvanen |  FRANCE: Cristophe Massé - Katerina Mandarik | GERMANY: Hans Braumueller & Ruggero Maggi - Horst Tress - Klaus Pinter | GREECE: Petala Eftichia | HUNGARY: József Bíró - Márton Koppány | ITALY: Angela Caporaso - Bruno Chiarlone - Cinzia Farina - Claudio Romeo - Cosma Tosca Bolgiani - Enzo Correnti - Enzo Patti - Franco Panella - Ljdia Musso - Mariano Lo Gerfo - Maya Lopez Muro - Morice Marcuse Carrara - Oronzo Liuzzi - Roberto Scala - Ruggero Maggi - Serse Luigetti | IRAN: Elham Hamedi | JAPAN: Keigo Hara | LATVIA: Gundega Strautmane | MEXICO: Elodia Corona Meneses - Gema Rios - Mac Ilhui - Persefone Manuel Oreste Suárez - Sergio Araht |  PERU: Liesel Cerna - Victor Valqui Vidal | POLAND: Miron Tee | PORTUGAL: António Barros - Avelino Rocha - Feliciano De Mira - Marcela Santos - Vanessa Bastos | RUSSIA: Alexander Limarev - Irina Novikova | SERBIA: Dejan Bogojevic | SPAIN: Àlex Monfort - Alfonso Aguado Ortuño - Daniel De Cullá - Francisco Sánchez Luz - Ferran Destemple - José L. Campal - Miguel Jimenez - Sabela Baña - Victoria Esgueva | SWITZERLAND: Bruno Schlatter | URUGUAI: Clemente Padin | USA: C. Mehrl Bennet - Joey Patrickt - John M. Bennet - Nico Vassilakis - Reid Wood - Rosalie Gancie | UNITED KINGDOM: Lola Gonzáles | VENEZUELA: ­_Guroga



Mail Art exhibition ‘‘R for Revolution”

Curatorship: Tchello d’Barros | Brasil 

Executing Entity: Visual Poetry Museum

Production: Instituto Cultural Tchello d’Barros

Opening: 18 December 2021  

Visit period: 18-31 december.2021 

Site: Visual Poetry Museum’s community in Facebook




Tchello d’Barros

Curator | “R for Revolution”

Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Saturday, December 04, 2021

Kept Awake by Little Fires Dreaming from Welcome to Upper Zygonia will be in the Trickhouse Press 2022 Annual

 Thanks to Dan Power of Trickhouse Annual for including several visual poems/doodles from Welcome to Upper Zygonia. Also included is the full interview / e-mail exchange with Imogen Reid, "Creating Culture Among Women: Friendship and List Making for Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry, A Conversation with Imogen Reid" originally published in abridged form by Wisdom Body Collective.

You can preorder the anthology here while copies last.

To whet your appetite, here's the table of contents:

Amanda Earl - Kept Awake by Little Fires Dreaming
Astra Papachristodoulou - from Like Amber
Chris Kerr - Mildred
David Spittle - enfants en deuil - like something else, nerds
Imogen Reid - 5 poems
James Knight - from Bodies
Joseph Turrent - Cyclohexane Drift Example
JP Seabright - Moveable Type
Katy Wimhurst - The State We're In
Laura Kerr - 6 poems
Maggs Vibo - M.U.S.I.C.
Martin Wakefield - Lego Poems
Matthew Haigh - BORN
Paul Robinson - STOPLOSS
ReVerse Butcher - 8 poems
Robin Boothroyd - Unearthed
S Cearley - 9 poems
Silje Ree - Knitting Patterns
Sy Brand - On Having Needs
Vilde B. Torset - Like A Mindmap of a Thoughtcloud

Amanda Earl - "Creating Culture Among Women: Friendship and List Making for Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry, A Conversation with Imogen Reid"

Scott Lilley - "An interview with Trickhouse editor Dan Power"

SJ Fowler - "Sticker Poems: Unstuck"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

260-page, A4, full-colour.

Jérôme Melançon on the Vispo Bible

 I was startled with delight by Jérôme Melançon's recent note of praise on the Small Machine Talks, the podcast I host through AngelHousePress. 

"Amanda’s frequent mentions of the Vispo Bible project (look it up (nothing else comes up!) or look at this essay) give a sense of a shifting, evolving work that is promising to become one of the major creations in Canadian poetry, the equivalent of a series of long poems, something I’d perhaps place beside bp nichol’s Martyrology in terms of its ambition and daring (and of course the religious/non-religious metamorphosis, the saints). I can’t imagine publishing such a large project piece by piece, as it moves forward and evolves, and not being able to go back to change the beginning. There’s courage both in the undertaking and in the releasing of this major work. And there’s something beautifully vulnerable and brave in sharing this project, bringing it into conversation, throughout the seasons of the podcast, giving a sense of its evolution and being honest about the relationship to the instruments and software that make it possible and force its transformations.”


Friday, December 03, 2021

The Book of Joshua, Old Testament from the Vispo Bible is now completed

 I have now completed The Book of Joshua from the Old Testament. This is Chapter 24.

The Vispo Bible now has 343 pages, with 8 / 39 books from the Old Testament and 10 / 27 books from the New Testament completed. Still many books, chapters and verses to go. There's a reason why this is a life's work. I began it in June, 2015. I am into my 6th year.

More info about the Vispo Bible