Monday, October 08, 2007

a siren's villanelle

a siren’s villanelle

what compels a tangle
hurricane shouts over lullaby
turbulence troubles a rhythm

come for me in the deep, still water
follow the nature of shifting sand
what compels a tangle

i am knotted in seagrass and anemones
strip yourself bare to enter the ocean
turbulence troubles a rhythm

disguised as downpour i fell against your window
you pressed your hand against the shining wet
what compels a tangle

wind builds waves to crescendo
abalone shells glisten in the swells
turbulence troubles a rhythm

come before night pulls down the sun
swim, swim toward me now
what compels

a tangle

turbulence troubles

a rhythm


Anonymous said...

"what controls a tangle?" I enjoyed this villanelle. They are a real challenge to write.

Judith said...

Nice villanelle

Amanda Earl said...

thanks. this is ancient stuff, alas.

Amanda Earl said...

am wondering how come people are seeing this now. linked somewhere?