Sunday, August 11, 2019

bill dimichele

I was sad to learn that the visual poet, artist, poet, publisher bill dimichele had died on Sunday, August 4, 2019 at the age of 67. i knew bill as both a poet and a publisher. my small press, AngelHousePress published his work on and in Experiment-O Issue 5. he also participated in the DevilHouse 6 interview, a series that explored the nature of transgression in creative work.

somehow, i don't remember when it happened or how, bill contacted me to participate in Tip of the Knife, his wonderful blog/site where published various writers and artists. he was always so welcoming and enthusiastic. i will never forget how much he welcomed me and encouraged me to play and be whimsical. For #15, i somehow misunderstood and thought he was doing a special issue on child art. i wasn't sure if i should contribute but the call inspired a series called Vizpo Kidz. He loved it.  In his introduction to the work, he wrote "I’ve seen a lot of Amanda’s work, and I’ve been happy to publish some; I always imagine the Angel creating her art out of laughter, lightheartedness and beautiful, whimsical energy.  Images made from inventive letter/picture coactions bring both amusement and sage excitement.  One of the most interesting aspects of these things is the titles, all twists on the pics - and who could not love titles like ‘Cinderella Snowflake’ and ‘Scuttling Sam Bones’?  Not everyone can make a crisp graphic work like Amanda can.  And no one else can put a head on it.

She may live in our newly constructed Age of Quasi Reason, but she’s not a slave to it the way some visual poets are, like those who construct little scientific systems devoid of soul and spirit.  Amanda may live in Candyland, but she knows how to tame the gum drops."

I was enchanted.  He published my attempts at autobiography as song titles in Issue 17. my earlier attempts at working with the alphabet in Issue 5 in 2011.

For Issue 11 from 2012, i was playing around with words, shapes. He wrote this about my work:

She has some cool space age themes going on with these pieces- simple so that our space voyager can take off with letters made of polished metal and plutonium retro rockets, excited to land, to spread new visual languages to the uninitiated aliens.  Amanda can do this, so I crown her Queen of the Universe.  These transformed glyphs are full of meaning to make the odyssey worthwhile.  Each page reveals a testament to exploration, fire and bravery.  Then there’s the piece about a crater where the ship has crashed, digging into the black extraterrestrial ground, exploding red astronaut blood which hovers above the surface in low gravity.  The red/black contrast itself is powerful enough to shatter the planet.  At first I thought 001 seed was outside the theme, but then I started thinking that some other  worldly race planted us and tended us.  Don’t look at me like that, it’s possible. 

I was so pleased to be part of Tip of the Knife, which introduced me or reacquainted me with fellow travellers of whimsy and gave me the opportunity to be read by the great bill dimichele, a kindred.

i end this post with a quote from his own contribution to Tip of the Knife 32, the final issue. 

This was when Billy first came unstuck in time.
His attention began to swing wildly through
the full arc of his life passing into death which
was violet light.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

rest in whimsy, fellow explorer. enjoy the violet light.

my condolences to his family, friends and all he's published and by published by. i will miss him. 

post-script, all being well a few best of issues of Tip of the Knife will be published and edited by Crag Hill. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Concrete is Porous: Act 3 - Windsor, Ontario

the third exhibit for Concrete is Porous will take place at the Common Ground Gallery in Windsor, Ontario from May 28 to June 9, 2019.

I have two pieces in this show from the Vispo Bible: Genesis 2 and 34. If you are in Windsor, or area, I hope you'll check out the show, with readings taking place by the curators and Gustave Morin.

thank you once again to the organizers for including my work.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Starting Deuteronomy - the Vispo Bible

here's an intermediary step on the road to Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy is in the Old Testament and has 34 books. Let's see how long it takes me to complete it. I've decided to have a palette of metalic gold text on a black background for this book. Not sure why. Something to do with Moses, I guess. Golden idols.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Matthew is complete and other updates for the Vispo Bible

Matthew 7
I began the Book of Matthew, 1st book in the New Testament in September, 2018 and completed it in May, 2019. There are 28 chapters.

For the first time, I had some stops and restarts and did several pieces over.

I finally got the right tone when I inverted the text and background to give the ghostliness that I always feel when I think about the life of Jesus, his resurrection etc.

As a child, i always felt like he was a ghost, a benevolent and sad ghost.

So far Matthew 5, 6 and 7 have been published in the Peter F. Yacht Club's VERSeFest 2019 issue.

I have submitted the Book of Matthew to a publisher to consider for publication as a book. I'll let you know what happens. I may stick with this inversion for a bit and do more.

Concrete is Porous Acts I and II, which exhibited in Toronto and Ottawa and featured two of my pieces from Revelation, is not over. Act III will take place in Windsor, Ontario for a month or so, starting at the end of May at the Common Ground Gallery. I have two pieces from Genesis in that show.

Thanks to those of you who've shown an interest in the project, published excerpts from it and bought chapbooks.

I began the Vispo Bible almost 4 years ago, starting in June, 2015. I have completed 6 books in the Old Testament and 8 in the New. Only 53 more books to go!

Monday, April 01, 2019

Concrete is Porous

Concrete is Porous, a visual and concrete poetry show curated by Hart Broudy and bill bissett is now on tour. For the Toronto show, which ended in March, and the VERSeFest Ottawa show, which also just ended, my pieces Revelation 19 and 20 were included.

The show will now travel to Windsor, Calgary and possibly Sweden. To save money on shipping and insurance, I have been asked to offer smaller pieces. I will give two 10 x 10 inch, simpler pieces that aren't as dense because the density needs a high resolution. I will let you know which pieces end up in the touring show.

I am grateful to the curators who kindly included my visual poetry in the show and to Daniel Bradley who has been a key participant in making the show happen and helping out.

You can find out more about the show and see some of the pieces on tumblr.

photo credit: Renee Saklikar

The Vispo Bible: Numbers 3 and 26 now online

at talking about strawberries all the time. thanks to talking for including these pieces.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Romans now online from where is the river of Toronto

Thanks to Kiefer Logan of where is the river for publishing Romans as an online pdf chapbook.
i'm in fine company with chapbooks by rob mclennan and Michael Sikkema.
Take a read here:

Revelation now available from Timglaset Editions of Sweden

Thank you to Joakim Norling of Timglaset Editions for publishing the latest addition to the Vispo Bible, Revelation, from the New Testament.

He has put great care and thought into the publication of this work, from the cover colour, which is the colour of the word "Revelation" to me (grapheme synaesthesia).

Here's a description from the Timglaset site:

Revelation is the seventh book to come out of Amanda Earl‘s (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) lifelong project, The Vispo Bible, translating the Bible to visual poetry. This book contains 22 visual pieces, each representing one chapter of The Book of Revelation, New TestamentThe Vispo Bible is part of Amanda‘s general poetic practice of chance operations from the Dadaists and Jackson MacLow’s Light poems, cutting up, reshuffling, remixing existing sources – words, phrases, lyrics, titles, objects, geographical and psychological landscapes – to unlock fixed propaganda and repurpose it.
Amanda has grapheme synaesthesia where numbers, people’s first names, names of the month and week, and pain have colours. The cover of Revelation is bright orange and inside there is an explosion of colour, corresponding to the colours Amanda has assigned to words and phrases in the the text of The Book of Revelation. This book is in A4 format (297 x 210 mm), 28 pages and is printed in full colour on heavy high quality paper. The cover is in orange cardboard and hand-labelled with title an author name. The inlay is saddle stitched and the cover is rubber band bound. 60 copies were made. CAD 18, EUR 12, SEK 130. Postage costs will be added.

I consider this to be a huge milestone in my life as a poet and an artist. I can't thank Joakim/Timglaset Editions enough for this great work. To all the amazing and generous small press publishers who have been publishing the Vispo Bible, I am thrilled and grateful for the work you do and the work you have done with my Vispo Bible. This project is very important to me. 
You can purchase a copy here.