Sunday, July 24, 2016

Vispo Bible - update on progress Exodus 14

I am on Exodus 14, the 2nd book of the Old Testament; i hope to finish all 40 chapters of Exodus by the end of the summer. I began Exodus in January, 2016. I completed The Book of Revelation from the New Testament (March - May, 2016). Genesis (June-October, 2015). 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Vispo Bible: Genesis, now a little movie

The Vispo Bible: Genesis, now a little movie of all 50 chapters translated into visual poetry:

Thursday, June 23, 2016

h& publishes one of my collages

a collage made in conjunction with firstwalks of the year (In/Words Press, 2016) now on line at h&. thanks Ian Whistle

Vintage Drunken Boat Selection

Drunken Boat is kindly highlighting two of my visual poetry pieces, published as part of a concrete and visual poetry feature curated by Sina Queyras in 2010. This comes as a lovely surprise.

Read what the DB 90 editors have to say here.
& do go back & take a look at the visual poetry in the issue & the video poems also.

This work is a precursor to my current project, the Vispo Bible.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Genesis 22-26 in Dreamland X, Spring 2016

 Thanks to Jeremy Stewart for publishing 5 pieces from the Vispo Bible, Genesis 22-26 in the latest issue of the Prince George publication, Dreamland Magazine.

Some gorgeous work in there, including a poem suite by Jason Christie & the artwork of Caton Diab.

Buy a copy of the issue for $7 or get a 4-issue subscription for $25. 

Those of you who follow along may remember that The Vispo Bible is a lifelong work in progress with the goal to render every book of the Bible, Old & New Testaments into visual poetry. in 2015 I completed Genesis; in 2016 i have begun Exodus & completed Revelation.

Pieces have been published in illiterature issue v. (Puddles of Sky Press, curated by Michael e. Casteels ); h& (curated by Ian Whistle); our teeth (curated by Kevin McPherson Eckhoff); Ustanga & Dreamland IX & X; a few pieces have also appeared on this blog.

Thanks to all the above publishers for the encouragement & support of this project. Such support is rare & vital.

Monday, May 23, 2016

collages: firstwalks of the year on h&

in conjunction with my chapbook "firstwalks of the year" from In/Words Press, 2016, i made collages.

the first of four is posted over at h& here

subsequent collages shall be posted on the site
June 23
July 28
and August 25.

thanks to Ian Whistle, the curator for h&.

file this under other oddities.

Sunday, March 27, 2016 publishes four pieces from the Vispo Bible, Book 1 - Genesis

Thanks to the Italian online journal Utsanga for publishing the last four chapters of Genesis. Take a look here. I am in good company with visual and text based pieces by artists and writers from all over the world.