Monday, October 08, 2007

series number yellow

today i partake of yellow

chamomile tea, honey, chardonnay

light to swallow float away on


are other pairs of filling eyes

what cannot be contained


in pursuit of yellow

the obvious candle

in a glass, lemon overhang

Verdi’s adagio for trumpet

a watered down pernod conversation

unconsummated maps

pound cake

egg yolk


running from yellow

eagles pierce air with brass calls

of need

hunger sleep

cadmium eyes empty of all but prey

chrome talons poised and gleaming

against blood ochre sun

the yellow phrasebook

how are you ? feeling ochre thank you

the sun shines and the sky also shines

did you know it is impolite to say yellow for hello

what colour are my eyes says the cat

we’re expecting a full moon tonight

please tell mr. smith i will meet him in the front lobby with some yellow

i wish to return these yellow apples. they are stale. please purchase some new yellow apples

yellow neighbour words in the websters ninth new collegiate dictionary

yegg yelper yenshee yenta

yardstick yataghan yeah yeanling yeah

flashcard yellow numbers

i say 8 you hold up YELLOW

the month after may is YELLOW

the smell of jasmine is YELLOW

if you add eight plus one you get YELLOW


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