Monday, April 12, 2021

3 essays to support Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry now on line

1. Women at the Vanguard of Visual Poetry, If Only We Had Known: Overcoming Erasure to Make Connections Between Past, Present and Future Women Making Visual Poetry
published in Periodicities, March 23, 2021. thanks to the editor, rob mclennan.

2. Women Making Visual Poetry As Radical Acts of Witness, Memory and Insistence
published in the Typescript, April 5, 2021
thanks to the editor, Theresa Smalec.

3. Creating Culture Among Women: A Conversation with Imogen Reid: Friendship and List Making for Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry
Part 1, April 7, 2021
Part 2, April 9, 2021
Part 3, April 12, 201
published in Wisdom Body Collective
thanks to the editor, Amy Bodeba

stay tuned for essays in print publications eventually.
and please keep supporting and sharing the IndieGoGo campaign for Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry, A 21st Century Anthology edited by Amanda Earl and forthcoming from Timglaset Editions soon!

thanks to all the contributors and all who've supported the book and the campaign. you're lovely.

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