Friday, May 15, 2020

Leviticus 5 in Poem Atlas' Escapisms Exhibit (May 15 - June 5, 2020)

Thanks to Poem Atlas for including Leviticus 5 in this stunning exhibit. I am delighted to share the virtual page with fellow visual poets. 

Where does escapism fit in? When I work on these pieces, I perform several repeated actions in Photoshop. I get lost in both the meticulous nature of the process and the creative possibilities. The pieces I'm submitting show how colour and layering turn the text into something material and depart from the original, yet somehow maintain some of its flavour. I have grapheme synaesthesia so that words, letters and numbers evoke colour for me. It is a satisfying feeling for me to be able to match the colours in my head with the tone I perceive from the source text based on the words and the style of the text. I become mesmerized in a way. I often keep going until I feel a kind of shiver, as if I've done something magical, but I don't feel at all as if I'm in control of the result. I love this feeling.

The Vispo Bible: Leviticus 5 (2017): source text from, King James Version. Text translated into visual poetry using Photoshop. I translated the ritual, sin, and blood in this chapter. Something tree like, hard, bare, weathered and bloody resulted.

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