Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Vispo Bible: Acts from the New Testament

I have begun to work on the Acts of the Apostles from the New Testament. For Acts, I will be saving each individual layer separately.

Excerpts from the Vispo Bible have been exhibited in Ottawa, Toronto and Windsor,  Ontario. Publications include

Romans, where is the river, 2018, Toronto, Ontario
Revelation, Timglaset Editions, 2018, Sweden
Ruth, Simulacrum Press, 2018, Hamilton, Ontario
Mark, above/ground press, 2018, Ottawa, Ontario
Esther, Puddles of Sky Press, 2017, Kingston, Ontario
Revelation 20, No Press, 2017, Calgary, Alberta
Leviticus XII, Penteract Press, 2017 UK

Additional individual pieces have appeared in h&; our teeth, illiterature, Brave New Word (Ukraine), Dreamland Magazine, untethered,,  Chaudiere Books NPM 2018, and To Call No 1  from Plaugolt Satzwechhsler in Germany,  not your best visual poetry from knife fork book. (2019) and Train Concrete Journal and blog (2019/2020). 

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council 2018 Recommender Grant for Writers program for funding part of the creation of the Vispo Bible 

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