Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Revelation now available from Timglaset Editions of Sweden

Thank you to Joakim Norling of Timglaset Editions for publishing the latest addition to the Vispo Bible, Revelation, from the New Testament.

He has put great care and thought into the publication of this work, from the cover colour, which is the colour of the word "Revelation" to me (grapheme synaesthesia).

Here's a description from the Timglaset site:

Revelation is the seventh book to come out of Amanda Earl‘s (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) lifelong project, The Vispo Bible, translating the Bible to visual poetry. This book contains 22 visual pieces, each representing one chapter of The Book of Revelation, New TestamentThe Vispo Bible is part of Amanda‘s general poetic practice of chance operations from the Dadaists and Jackson MacLow’s Light poems, cutting up, reshuffling, remixing existing sources – words, phrases, lyrics, titles, objects, geographical and psychological landscapes – to unlock fixed propaganda and repurpose it.
Amanda has grapheme synaesthesia where numbers, people’s first names, names of the month and week, and pain have colours. The cover of Revelation is bright orange and inside there is an explosion of colour, corresponding to the colours Amanda has assigned to words and phrases in the the text of The Book of Revelation. This book is in A4 format (297 x 210 mm), 28 pages and is printed in full colour on heavy high quality paper. The cover is in orange cardboard and hand-labelled with title an author name. The inlay is saddle stitched and the cover is rubber band bound. 60 copies were made. CAD 18, EUR 12, SEK 130. Postage costs will be added.

I consider this to be a huge milestone in my life as a poet and an artist. I can't thank Joakim/Timglaset Editions enough for this great work. To all the amazing and generous small press publishers who have been publishing the Vispo Bible, I am thrilled and grateful for the work you do and the work you have done with my Vispo Bible. This project is very important to me. 
You can purchase a copy here.

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