Monday, November 05, 2012


my visual poetry has recently been published in two publications:

the Last Vispo Anthology: visual poetry 1998-2008, edited by Nico Vassilakis and Crag Hill & published by Fantagraphics Books. how cool is it to be published by a publisher who's published R. Crumb?!

Here's what Maria Damon had to say about my two pieces "Sun" & "Man."

"Before the computer was used there was, of course, wood and lead type as well; all thes remembered when I see the abstract concrete poems of Amanda Earl's 'Sun' and 'Man.' These poems remind me of those strong, old methods, the computer matches those skills. Here the words and letters are the image. They are strong shadows of the past." thanks, Maria!

in these pieces, along with much of my other attemps at visual poetry, i combined manual methods with modern tech. i used rub on letters, no longer Letraset because it isn't available anywhere i know of, onto some scraps of gorgeously textured paper from St. Armand Paper Makers in Montreal. i scanned in the pieces.

"cluster of As" is the second publication, a wee chapbook made by Ottawa small press publisher Phafours, run by Pearl Pirie. i believe copies will be available at the ottawa small press book fair & i'll have some on hand for anyone who wants one. thanks, Pearl!

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