Wednesday, August 03, 2011

attempts at asemic writing/poetry

asemic writing has fascinated me for some time. particularly i'm interested in the idea of focussing very closely on individual letters of various alphabets and deconstructing them in various ways. in poetry i'm always interested in anything that challenges or removes standard semantic meanings. in visual poetry treating the textual elements as illustrative, evokative in their own right corresponds with this removal from the semantic and conventional meanings of words. asemic poetry is particularly resonant with imagery, symbols, emotion. where does the deep image come from in one's pysche? Jerome Rothenberg coined the term for poetry but I've always thought it has some similarities to the Jungian archetype. as a synaesthete, colours evoke archetypical symbols and mythology for me. all this to are a few attempts at asemic poetry 1) cicada 2) noise 3) anonymous (the soundtrack is Anonymous 4 On Yoolis Night and An English Ladymass, which evoke the gun metal greys and shapes i've used)

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