Wednesday, October 25, 2006

twenty four sensuous phrases for every day

skein of wool
the theory of plate tectonics
the refrigerator is humming
tea service
mastedon sweet mastedon
brought to you by the letter el
affricates and fricatives
the schwa knows better
blue roses
green glass goblins
do you have this in china silk
stone the ruddy prose
someone is heating icicles on the stove
smooth brown rabbit
beware the dust addict
spaghetti owes
the bullet is on time
clouds make the man
the adam’s apple of his eye
yellow serenade
lobster fruit or vegetable
small dogs wearing rain
the sound of ocean on cobblestones
day’s edge serrated


Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous. Each is so crisp and have lovely image and mouth feel.

Amanda Earl said...