Thursday, June 29, 2006

moonpieces. fragments out of ordinary

full moon

open mouth
admit a truth
too late
the man’s face
ripples a silver smirk on black water
and whisky
to the devil angel flies
play your blood electric guitar
pluck out fire
of name
your lips mouth
o moon
guppy out of water
choke on reality
oxygen’s a cold comfort now
isn’t it?


just a fingernail’s worth of booze
and she’s seeing the moon as if a glass half full
ever talk to her
she walks where you would never
circus animal girl on stilts
truth swallower
give her a look
she’ll set you
on fire

whereabouts at night

there she goes again
smelling the moon
haven’t you told her
a thousand times
you’ve seen her fly
pluck it like a daisy
she’s gone
there’s a hole
in the sky
where you look

this harvest

dreams of soft butter moon
lemon cake rise
big enough to taste
what’s come over you
what you crave
isnt sugar

soon, gothic

after the sun bloodset horizon abandon
geese flown vee getaway
alone no moon all this walk
dark corners sidewalk crevice night blooms
crow call black water
who’s afraid of empty sky

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